Self Help Books For Inmates

Watch The Video To Learn The Key Qualities Of Self-Help Books For Inmates, Featuring Doing Time With God  For Inmates Who Want To See How Other Prisoners Are Experiencing More Freedom In Prison Through Restorative Justice  

In your search for self help books for inmates, you may be interested in knowing the following information. There are various benefits of reading books. These benefits are; books make people better communicators, they educate them, books keep peoples brains healthy by improving their cognitive function and memory, books also reduce stress in people and motivate individual to improve themselves or to explore new ventures in life, and books increase a person’s creativity.

Previous studies have shown that book reading in prison helps give the inmates hope and minimizes the occurrence of violence and suicides among the incarcerated people. Books that are found in prisons have a way of changing a person’s view of life and can be therapeutic to some individuals.

This is why after some inmates have served their time in prison and are set free, go home with a new mentality about the importance of life and freedom. Some even work to be functioning members of their economy, contributors to the community and good role models to their friends and families.

Below the video you will find a list of recommended books for inmates...

Rave Reviews For Doing Time With God

"I bought this for a friend who is currently incarcerated and he just informed TODAY that his cell mate read it within 2 days and told him (my friend) that it was one of the BEST BOOKS he'd read in a LONG TIME."

- Amazon Customer

"This challenges us in remembering God's awesome power in finding the lost, healing the sick, and turning people's lives around. Read this compelling book and be inspired by what is being done to transform lives and restore people to productive places in society."

- Lynn Huntley, Former Civil Rights Attorney, US Dept. of Justice 

 "A beautiful testimony of how our shared-life in God is renewed through story. It shows the reconciling power of God's love in our openness and vulnerability - the way to Peace. If you want to see who we are created to be for one another, read this book. It is a wake-up call."

Sr. Helen Prejean

The books below also fit well with your search for...

Self Help Books For Inmates

1. Yes I’ve made MISTAKES: Your Past Doesn’t Have to Determine Your Future By Daroun Maurice Jamison
The author describes the events in this book as the darkest moment in his life. From his 18-year-old birthday in 1995 when he was arrested for his release at the age of 34, in 2011. This book will help in improving your decision making and it gives practical advice in living the right way.

The Master Plan: My Journey from Life in Prison to Life of a Purpose
By Chris Wilson and Bret Witter with Wes Moore
Chis killed a man is self-defense when he was a teenager and was sentenced to life in prison. He was paroled and shares his experience and appreciation for life in this book.


3. Becoming Whole By Bruce Alan Kehr, M.D
This is a book filled with warmth and empathy and will teach a person how to ease their emotional pain. The inmate will be able to take control of their life and begin to heal.

Free at Last: Daily Meditation By and For Inmates By Anonymous
This book will teach inmates how to relax and how to use meditation skills. The book has advice for inmates to help others learn coping skills while they are incarcerated.
Man’s Search for Meaning By Viktor E. Frankl
This novel will help a man find meaning in his life. He can go from thinking he is worthless to having a real purpose and make positive changes with his new self worth.


6. How to Stay Out By Jack Berryman
The book will teach an inmate how to have hope and change their ways. They will learn coping skills so they can live a productive life and not make the same mistakes over again.

Success Is Your Birthright: God’s Success – Tucker, R. Stanton
A book that takes us on a spiritual, emotional, and inspirational expedition, prodding and challenging us to think, feel, and explore. This expedition forces us to appraise or reappraise our views, values, and traditions as well as misinformation shaped as truth.

Below Is More Info On Doing Time With God  - One Of The Best Inspirational Books For Someone In Jail

    Here's Why Doing Time With God Is One Of The Most Memorable Self Help Books For Inmates

     - Gives Inmates An Experience of God's Unconditional Love

    - Shows Others Breaking Free From Prisons of Self-Limitations

    - Reveals How Lives Are Changing In Prison Through Stories

    - Shows How
     Relationships Are Healed Through Honesty

    - Proves How Good Purposes Can Arise From Tragedies

    - Brings Hope For A Brighter Tomorrow

    -  Shows Inmates As Vessels Of God's Love In Prison

    - Contains Reflection Questions For Personal Growth

    - Helps Inmates See Themselves As Good People

    - Shines Light On How Sharing Stories Can Lead To Forgiveness

    - Awakens Empathy And Builds Self-Esteem

    This Is One Of The Best Books For Inmates To Read Because It Shows Their Value As Human Beings 

    While reading this book, you may experience these things happening in yourself. Discussion questions and an afterword by the author invite you to reflect on your own journey, discover new meaning, and expand this movement of Peace in your life.  

    Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

    See Why Others Say Doing Time With God Is One Of The Most Encouraging Self Help Books For Inmates

    "When my dad was murdered 5 years ago, I felt a lot of emotions. Emotions I still deal with but seeing it from an inmate's perspective and understanding their wrongs and seeing them reach a common goal with us through God's love is the most amazing emotion I could ever experience."
    Katie W.

    Murder Victim Family Member

    "It’s a well written book telling compelling stories of healing; victims feel heard, offenders find hope of becoming valued members of society and the reader is moved in unexpected ways."
    Scott H.

    Amazon Customer

    "I am currently supporting friends who have been recent victims of violent crimes, and the stories this book contains have contributed to my understanding of the perpetrators and made me think a bit differently about them and their futures."
    Hayden B.

    Murder Victim Family Friend

    Here Are A Few More Reasons Why Doing Time With God Is One Of The Great Self Help Books For Inmates 

    "Be warned: you may never read the newspaper the same way after reading his book. It's refreshing and enlightening and transforms the stark contrast between victim and perpetrator into commonalities that clearly portray the hand of God."
    Lara P.

    Crime Victim

    "This book is inspiring and filled with hope. I will read it over and over again, especially when I need to be reminded that God never gives up on any of us."
    Amazon Customer

    "I encourage...those who think inmates are worthless, to read this book; you will be forever changed by the stories and lessons inside."

    Amazon Customer

    Self Help Books For Inmates

    As a recommended book for inmates, Doing Time With God contains stories that feature prisoners as actively participating in positive change for themselves and also for the healing of crime victims. It shows inmates doing this in the most natural way - sharing their stories with one another and what is on their hearts and minds. When readers of Doing Time With God see themselves in the stories, they are impacted by the perspectives and insights that inmates in the stories are having.

    Doing Time With God by Bill Dyer is also one of the most inspirational books for someone in jail because they become aware of how they can repair the harm caused by crime and find healing for themselves in the process. Prisoners also consider Doing Time With God to to be one of the most meaningful self help books for inmates because they experience being moved to make meaningful changes in their lives in order to reach their highest potential and become productive members of society.

    The Best Self Help Books For Inmates Have One Thing In Common: They Make It Possible For Life-Giving Change to Happen For Readers