Good Books For Inmates To Read

Watch To Learn The Key Characteristics Of Good Books For Inmates To Read, Featuring Doing Time With God  For Those Who Want To See How Other Inmates Are Experiencing New Life In Prison Through Restorative Justice

Rave Reviews For Doing Time With God

"I bought this for a friend who is currently incarcerated and he just informed TODAY that his cell mate read it within 2 days and told him (my friend) that it was one of the BEST BOOKS he'd read in a LONG TIME."

- Amazon Customer

"This challenges us in remembering God's awesome power in finding the lost, healing the sick, and turning people's lives around. Read this compelling book and be inspired by what is being done to transform lives and restore people to productive places in society."

- Lynn Huntley, Former Civil Rights Attorney, US Dept. of Justice 

 "A beautiful testimony of how our shared-life in God is renewed through story. It shows the reconciling power of God's love in our openness and vulnerability - the way to Peace. If you want to see who we are created to be for one another, read this book. It is a wake-up call." "

Sr. Helen Prejean

Good Books For Inmates To Read

2. You’ll Get Through This: Hope And Help For Your Turbulent Times - Max Lucado 
This motivational book encourages people to face their battles and hard times because they will not last. this book is written to give hope to people who are going through hard times that better days are coming in the future and that they should be positive about their current predicaments. If you're looking for good inspirational books for someone in jail, You'll Get Through This is a good option.

Blue Range, Black Redemption: A Memoir - Stanley Tookie Williams 
This is a book that narrates the tale of personal revolution by a man who went from Crips co-founder to Nobel peace prize nominee, author, and anti-gang activist. This book gives the various advantages and disadvantages of gang behavior and is one of the good books for inmates to read because it sheds light on other ways of solving things that are not criminal.

When You Have To Go To Prison: A Complete Guide For You And Your Family - Margaret Cohut
Most people are sentenced to jail not knowing what to expect from the experience and how to tackle some issues. This book gives a picture of what is expected behind bars and how to go about some situations if you are faced with any in prison.


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Good Books For Inmates To Read

5. The Telling Image: Shapes Of Changing Times - Lois Farfel Stark
Critical thinking in life is a very important aspect since it motivates people to think about a situation more than it appears. This is a book that emphasizes that people should view the world and situations in shapes in order to get a clear picture of their meanings.

Live From Death Row - Mumia Abu-jamal and John Edgar Widerman
This book shares the experience of an inmate who has been sentenced to death and the different ways in which he views life. When a person knows when and how they will die, they tend to view life on a new light and appreciate life more.

This is one of the best books for inmates to read because even a slight change in perspective can make all the difference in an inmate's experience in terms of helping them be their best in the midst of the abundant challenges that exist in prison.

Letters To An Incarcerated Brother: Encouragement, Hope, and Healing For Inmates And Their Loved Ones - Hill Harper
This is a book by Hill Harper who writes inspired by young inmates who write to him seeking guidance. The book is written to give hope healing and encouragement to inmates by their family and friends which helps them look forward to their days of release and keep a positive attitude about it all. That is why this read is one of the recommended books for inmates.

8. Fish: A Memoir Of A Boy In A Man’s Prison - T.J. Parsell
This book gives a description of the experience of a 17 year old boy, T.J Parsell who is sentenced four and a half to fifteen years in prison. On his first night he was raped by two men who were older than him and after raping him decide to flip a coin to determine who was going to own him. Parsell is one of the biggest spokesperson and activist for reforms of the prisons and he shares his experience of becoming of age behind bars.

The Minimalist Way: Minimalist Strategies To Declutter Your Life And Make Room For Joy - Erica Layne
This is a book that advocates the application of the minimalist mindset to every aspect of your life by changing the way you think about your home, career, relationships, family and money. In this way you will be able to find joy in small things as well as some negative situations.

Below Is More Info On Doing Time With God  - One Of The Best Inspirational Books For Someone In Jail

1. Doing Time With God - Bill Dyer
After being shot at an ATM on his way to work during a robbery, Dyer felt led to visit a prison and share his story with inmates. While there, in the conversations that followed, something beautiful and unexpected happened, leading to healing, forgiveness, and rehabilitation. This book was written to reveal the transforming power of God's love in the lives of prisoners and crime victims when they come together and share their stories with one another. It is one of the most highly recommended and good books for inmates to read.

If You're Looking For Self Help Books For Inmates Doing Time With God Is A Great Pick Because It Opens The Heart, Touches The Soul, And Renews The Mind 

While reading this book, you may experience these things happening in yourself. Discussion questions and an afterword by the author invite you to reflect on your own journey, discover new meaning, and expand this movement of Peace in your life.  

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

See Why Others Say Doing Time With God Is One Of The Best Books For Inmates To Read 

"Doing Time with God is packed full of courage, wisdom, and inspiration. I recommend this book to anyone who has lived the valleys and peaks of life; folks who are struggling with forgiveness, for those who are dealing with anger or loss. This book will give insight into what true unconditional love is like."
Scott H.

"…The presence of a loving, nurturing, and persistent God weaves its way through each page-turning account of how lives are changed by Faith. I highly recommend this book."
Joseph Pryor

Assistant Warden; Chief Chaplain, Federal Bureau of Prisons (retired)

"When my dad was murdered 5 years ago, I felt a lot of emotions. Emotions I still deal with but seeing it from an inmate's perspective and understanding their wrongs and seeing them reach a common goal with us through God's love is the most amazing emotion I could ever experience."
Katie W.

Murder Victim Family Member

"...there are so many beautiful stories of redemption, of breaking stereotypes and of compassion in the the most unlikely people."


"I read this with some scepticism at the beginning, but I can say that it truly opened my eyes to a new perspective regarding people who have committed crimes."
Mike G.


Doing Time With God Is One Of The Very Good Books For Inmates To Read Because It Shows How Responsibility And Empathy Leads To Freedom In Prison